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Consult with Experts, for help at all stages of the licensure and credentialing process. CGFNS Registration, Board Of Nursing Registration, Criminal Background Checks, Pearson Vue, Visa Application and more.

NCLEX Tutoring

A Unique NCLEX study guide and mastery, with discussion forums and a large network of nurses on same journey which creates a sense of belonging.


Assistance with the different Payment methods the licensure process might require. Money Order, Credit card transactions

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24/7 Access to a Customer Care Representative.


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We help you with all your Licensure Process which includes Credentialing, Board Of Nursing registration, NCLEX registration, Criminal Background Checks, Obtaining Visas for travel on NCLEX purposes, Scheduling Flights, NCLEX study review classes and more. We provide all the services that will get you ready for your Licensure. We are like the agency for Self Sponsored Nurses.

Simply hit the CLICK FOR CONSULT button on the home page of the website, order for the service, you would be registered in good time.

Yes we do, we offer every service that would help get our clients licensed as USRNs.

Yes, Decency Academy makes available the FBI Standard finger print cards at a very affordable rate, Simply hit the CLICK FOR CONSULT button on the home page of the website and order for the service.

We advise our client to use the CGFNS CES because after the NCLEX and you hit the immigration phase, you would need to apply for a VisaScreen Certificate with CGFNS, if another Evaluation body was used prior, you would have to pay extra and start your Credential Evaluation from scratch again with CGFNS. This is because only CGFNS offers the VisaScreen Certificate. This will cost more time and money.However, there are client who still opt for other Evaluation bodies such as ERES due to certain reasons that are unique to them. We help such clients also with the Registration.

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