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DNA will guide you all through your Licensure Processes which includes Credential evaluation services, Board Of Nursing registration, Criminal Background Checks, NCLEX registration, guide you on Visa application for the purpose of the exam, Flights Scheduling, NCLEX study review classes and more. We provide all the services that will help you become a USRN.

Simply click the CONSULT US button on the home page of the website then select Decency Nclex Academy Review Courses, fill in the form and submit and we would get you registered as soon as possible.

Yes, Decency NCLEX Academy makes available the FBI Standard finger print cards at an affordable rate.

Yes, it is. For you to be issued an Employment-Based Visa or a Green card to work as a Nurse in the USA, a Nurse Recruitment Agency or US-based Hospital has to file the i140 Petition on your behalf with the USCIS. You cannot do this on your own.

This is influenced by some factors we cannot control some of the times. The major delay Nurses tend to face after passing the NCLEX is with the USCIS. Denials in your petition, Request For Evidence and the likes can pose a delay in your process, also the NVC stage can be real slow sometimes. Priority Date could also cause a delay, but be rest assured we are not affected by this, at least not for now as our PD is current. Delays can also be from the part of the agencies, could be they don’t have a job placement for you yet, or there is a policy you finish a particular transition course before deployment and you are behind. A lot of things could cause a delay, but the most common is the USCIS. This is the toughest stage of the whole immigration process, after crossing this stage, it’s always a smooth sail with the other process.

Every agency has its own pros and cons. Each agency has its own contract terms and conditions, the best we can do for you when you recieve a contract is to familiarise you with all that is obtainable based on our firsthand experiences with them.