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Helping Nurses globally to achieve their career goals. Doing this in the most professional way, easing the stress of the entire process for all our candidates and positively influencing the healthcare system globally. This will ultimately help our candidates achieve professional advancement as they continue to greatly progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you with all your Licensure Process which includes Credentialing, Board Of Nursing registration, NCLEX registration, Criminal Background Checks, Obtaining Visas for travel on NCLEX purposes, Scheduling Flights, NCLEX study review classes and more. We provide all the services that will get you ready for your Licensure. We are like the agency for Self Sponsored Nurses.

Simply hit the CLICK FOR CONSULT button on the home page of the website, order for the service, you would be registered in good time.

Yes we do, we offer every service that would help get our clients licensed as USRNs.

Yes, Decency Academy makes available the FBI Standard finger print cards at a very affordable rate, Simply hit the CLICK FOR CONSULT button on the home page of the website and order for the service.

We advise our client to use the CGFNS CES because after the NCLEX and you hit the immigration phase, you would need to apply for a VisaScreen Certificate with CGFNS, if another Evaluation body was used prior, you would have to pay extra and start your Credential Evaluation from scratch again with CGFNS. This is because only CGFNS offers the VisaScreen Certificate. This will cost more time and money.However, there are client who still opt for other Evaluation bodies such as ERES due to certain reasons that are unique to them. We help such clients also with the Registration.

Our Services


We help you with the registration, courier and also help make necessary payment.


We help you with the Remita process of payment; help you in the submission of forms to NMCN to save you the cost of traveling. We also offer better courier fees.


We coach you on how to pass the test and also guide you on how to register.


We help you create an account and register you for the NCLEX.


A 6 weeks Program, working to build your content on every area of the NCLEX syllabus.

What our clients say:

The group really gave me the courage to believe in my self that I too can make it, the wonderful admins n people delight joy in making some strange content and conditions to be clear for my understanding. The contributions, rationales, and arguments made by some active zealous minded people there also help in motivating me into studying for Nclex with all seriousness. The passing rate in that forum is on a higher margin which made me believe that failure is only for those that acknowledged it.
Amazing Grace
DNA Alumni
The group has been a source of motivation and a guiding tool for my Nclex preparation. It builds my inner mind towards being successful in the exam. Having confidence that if some people have passed, that means I can pass as well. With the interaction in the group, I feel alright knowing that the admins will be ready to put us through. Then after posting questions, I deduct some topics which I am not familiar with and read it through especially when I'd thought that the topic is not relevant.
DNA Alumni
The group has been more than helpful since I joined the rebranded group I have been able to attempt more questions, my confidence got boosted as I was able to share and gain ideas from other nurses too. The administrators of the group turned us to family and they have been a good support system for me. People’s testimonies made me key into theirs and with my strong faith, I believed I can make it too. From my CGFNS days to my ATT and finally my testing day the group had high key yielded for me great benefits
Gracey Berries
DNA Alumni

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