Decency NCLEX Academy came about in order to meet the rising needs of Registered Nurses in Nigeria who have the dream of practicing in the United States of America on an Employment-based Visa/ Green card. Decency NCLEX Academy evolved from different Social Media groups listed below;

1 – NCLEX REBRANDED GROUP: This group was created by Decency Onyekachi the Founder of Decency NCLEX Academy.
The group is the first of a kind with an original aim to help Avant Recruits meet and discuss matters pertaining to their American journey and also to study, share questions, answer them and discuss which undoubtedly helped with the retention of information. This group blew up massively and became saturated with members from other Nursing agencies and of course nurses who were self-sponsoring themselves. It grew bigger that it could no longer accommodate more members and so the Exclusive Prearrival Group was born.

2 – EXCLUSIVE PREARRIVAL GROUP: This group was created to house Nclex passers of the previous group. Matters pertaining to immigration processes, Transition, Visascreen, IELTS, Nursing contracts and all are made topic of discussion in the group. This has helped motivate each member and also enlightened a vast majority of what to expect in the USA as a Contract Nurse.

3 – NCLEX CONTENT REVIEW GROUP: This group was later created to help members on the NCLEX Rebranded Group with their Content. It is a 6 weeks review program. Each week members of the group are made to cover 2 modules respectively in the online Saunders. At the end of the week there is a lecture by one of the admins to teach properly the content of these modules and help members revise properly.
This has helped members build their knowledge base in different topic areas making it easier for them to trash out questions that comes from any area. After the 6 weeks of content review; members graduate to the NCLEX REBRANDED GROUP for random questions that are posted each day as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. It is indeed a continuous Learning process.

4 – NCLEX RELATED MATTERS: This group was originally created on whatsapp, but became too small to accommodate members who were in need of what it stands for. We migrated to Telegram to house more members then grew massively in a short space of time to over 1500 active members. This group was created to discuss matters pertaining to NCLEX processes and solve problems people had with their licensure processes, Boards of Nursing or with CGFNS. This group has also helped us realize how much of information our great Nigerian Nurses need to live their American dream.

5 – NCLEX REMEDIATION GROUP: This was created to house inactive members in the NCLEX Rebranded group. Questions are posted each day and your attitude towards attempting the said question determines to a large extent your return to the main group. This is a motive to inspire members to contribute actively in the group as we have noticed nil fails with members of the sort.