A lot of nurses have made numerous attempts to relocate to other developed countries, after various failed attempts, many have lost hope while others have come to a conclusion that the journey is an impossible venture. I Decency Onyekachi have had my fair share of it but I never gave up, rather I learnt new ways of becoming successful in my pursuit of a greener pasture.

The most prevalent challenges people face on this journey are.
– lack of right information
– financial constraints
– fear of the unknown
– previous ugly experiences encountered in the past on attempts to migrate
– lack of motivation and mentorship


DNA stands to provide its members with all the answers to their questions and concerns about migrating to the States. We will walk side by side with you through all the processes, with the team of highly experienced nurses. We will not only guide you through the entire process but will mentor you to become successful when you eventually relocate.

We have formulated an unbeatable NCLEX review program and one one NCLEX and IELTS coaching tool, which have over time proven to be very effective in helping our members achieve success on their first attempts.

Our team of experts will ensure you have a smooth experience during credentialing, licensure and board registration as most of us are registered with different Boards of Nursing in the United State. We equally assist our members with international transactions like credit card payments and money order services.

It is no doubt DECENCY NCLEX ACADEMY has grown tremendously overtime, looking at how it has evolved effortlessly covering a large population of Nigerian Nurses both home and away. It is the First of its Kind. An average of 8 out of 10 passes of the NCLEX are recorded each month. Decency Academy has gained the trust of its member’s overtime in all dealings such as; cash for help with certain payment processes, study guide which yields positive results, consults which served its purpose at the end and lots more.

Helping Nurses globally to achieve their carrier goals. Doing this in the most professional way, easing the stress of the entire process for all our candidates and positively influencing the healthcare system globally. This will ultimately help our candidates achieve professional advancement as they continue to greatly progress.

Decency NCLEX Academy stands to support Nurses globally to overcome numerous constraints that have over time become a barrier for them achieving their carrier goals. We do this by constant motivation, mentoring, and unbeatable guidance as our candidates continue to embark on their journey.